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This will have a major impact on any buyer’s perception of the property and how it has been maintained. A poorly presented property gives potential buyers plenty of reasons to negotiate a lower sale price.

  • clean all surfaces including windows
  • tidy gardens & lawns
  • remove any clutter & rubbish
  • ensure all fixtures & fitting are in good operating order


Having the correct asking price is crucial to the attracting the correct buyers to your property.

Many sellers often want to advertise their property at a grossly inflated price in the hope that someone will pay more than the property is worth.

This inevitably leads to a long period on the market with little to no interest in the property. This is due to the fact that the buyers inspecting the property do have budgets around your inflated asking price, but are expecting to see a better or larger property.

So an inflated asking price will attract buyers that find your property not suitable to them, hence the little to no interest.

Once the asking price is adjusted to the correct amount the inspections and level of interest will increase.

Select the right agent

Remember when selling a property your selection of an agent will have a major impact on the outcome.

Just because some agencies boast more sales people or quote a higher property values, doesn’t mean they are the best choice. You need to select an agent who you feel confident with and that they have the skills & experience to negotiate the best outcome for you.

When it comes to our health we seek out the best skills, knowledge and experience not the biggest or cheapest.  We should treat our most valuable assets the same way.


Be prepared to market your property better than everyone else. Consistently marketed properties perform better than those that are not.

Property Information

  • have a Site & Building Plan available
  • have the dimensions, heights, widths, parking spaces etc.
  • have up to date outgoings amounts available
  • know the zoning & local council
  • know how much power supply is available to the property
  • know the age of the property
  • know who the strata manager is

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